October 13, 2010

OCD Awareness Week

My next post is going to be about the blessing and curse of the Internet.  Related to this, however is the International OCD Foundation website.  Had I not been surfing the net ad nausea, looking for more information on OCD, I might not have found out about this organization. 

The International OCD Foundation is a non profit organization that was founded in the 80's by a group of people with OCD.  It has since then grown, and provides an enormous amount of support for sufferers and treatment providers.  I plan on attending the OCF conference next year, which is taking place in San Diego. 

It is so important to increase the public's awareness of OCD.  This will help remove the stigma of mental illness, and help with diagnoses for those who suffer untreated for years.  

OCD Awareness week is taking place now (October 11 - 17, 2010).  Please take a look at the International OCD Foundation website.  On the site, you will find a page that is dedicated to the events that are taking place during OCD Awareness week.  If you are on Facebook you can even become a fan of the page, and receive updates on your Facebook page. 

One of the events I plan on participating in, is "An Evening of Stories" taking place on Saturday October 16.  Treatment providers and sufferers will be speaking about their experiences with OCD.  The event is taking place online, so everyone can participate. 



  1. Glad you found the IOCDF site! I went to the conference in Washington D.C. last year, and it was an incredible experience! I hope to go to the one in San Diego, too. I would definitely recommend it!!

  2. Fellow Sufferer - I'm actually really looking forward to the conference in San Diego! I regret that I didn't go this year, but financially, I couldn't swing it.