December 8, 2010


As I was compulsively searching the Internet for "answers" to my OCD problems last night, I came across this website.  Wow.  I wanted to share it with everyone because I know that I have struggled with what seems to be relatively little information on Pure O.  The people who started the site also agree, so they took it upon themselves to help increase exposure (excuse the pun!) on the Internet, and hopefully inform and help others who are going through hell.  

The website was started by former patients of Dr. Steven Phillipson's.  For those of you who don't know who Dr. Steven Phillipson is, he is the Clinical Director of the Centre for Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy, located in New York.  He is one of the foremost psychologists with knowledge in the area of the Pure O sub-type of OCD, and has written numerous articles on the subject.  My new (3 months old) therapist is from the Centre for Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy, and she has trained under Dr. Phillipson. 

Please take a time to check out the website, and inform as many people as possible.


  1. Wow. So do you know if this website is new? I swear I thought I had discovered all the legit looking OCD-info providing websites long ago. (I have probably spent a compulsive amount of time researching and learning about OCD). This website looks great! I have always enjoyed reading Dr. Phillipson's articles, and this site looks like a nice extension of that.

    Also, sounds like you're in really good hands with your therapist and her background!

    Just wondering, have you ever checked out the pure_o_ocd group on Yahoo? (Forgive me if I have asked you about this before!) While you sometimes have to sift through to find the good stuff, there is some great advice there. And, if you are looking for others to relate to in terms of "pure O," I bet you can find someone telling a very similar story somewhere in the archives of posts. Anyways, I have always found it interesting.

    Thanks for sharing this fascinating new OCD site!

  2. Fellow - I'm not sure if it's a new website, but I too have compulsively searched for all legit OCD information on the web and I never saw it either! It's nice to know that it's done by fellow-sufferers too. Also - on your suggestion I joined the Pure O OCD Yahoo group - thanks. I do find it helpful too - it's just sometimes frustrating the way its organized. Requires a lot of time to "sift through" as you say.

  3. I think maybe I found the site once or twice in my own "compulsive" internet searching - some sites I remember and revisit or accidently refind, and others disappear. It was a good reminder to me that Pure-O ocd is often misdiagnosed. Though my main counselor knows I have ocd, the psychiatrist and another counselor or two that I saw don't seem as convinced of my ocd. I don't wash my hands a thousand times (just a hundred). I'm not overly tied to numbers (though obviously, some are "more complete" or "feel better" than others). I seem to somehow fail at describing my ocd to the psychiatrist and these other counselors. They are like, everybody worries about some things. Thankfully, the medication for OCD isn't so different from that for depression, and my depression is more obvious.

  4. Abigail - Maybe your psychiatrist isn't very well versed in Pure O type of OCD - if in fact that is what you think you have? For a long time I knew I had some sort of anxiety "issues" and depression, but that was all. I definitely know now that my depression is caused by my OCD -not the other way around. When I have a handle on my OCD - my depression definitely decreases substantially. Sounds like you are doing your best to cope regardless! Hang in there and thanks for your support.