March 13, 2011

Great Explanation of Purely Obsessional OCD

This is one of the best explanations of Purely Obsessional OCD that I have come across. 

Please take a moment to read it, though for most who visit my blog - it won't be anything new for you!

Thanks to OCD UK for the information. 


  1. THIS is incredible!!!!!!! (I hope you don't mind if I steal it to help those who check into my blog...) Thank you for posting this, it's an incredible illustration into what we deal with!

  2. This is great, thank you for this link! My sister has this problem, as did my father, and I do as well. Been to several therapists because of issues with anxiety, specifically social anxiety, and it took years for anyone to send me for OCD- because no one realised that my symptoms were OCD related. After years of reading up about these things, and seeing various therapists, I really do think that OCD lies at the root of both me and my sister's problems with anxiety- though it manifests in different ways in each of us. Reading about the Purely Obsessional form of OCD made me think 'bingo!' as I haven't really done the checking thing since childhood (though still going strong on the ritual front at times), but I do lie awake at night for hours, mentally ruminating. Only someone that has been there, that has the urge to go over and over things mentally, will know what hell this can be. Anyway, I am rambling away! Thank you for the link, most helpful.