March 30, 2011

Something Positive about OCD?

I am someone who likes to give back to my community.  I believe in community involvement, and I like helping those who are genuinely less fortunate than me.  When I was working at my previous "hell" job, driving all over the province, and working hours on end, this is one value that I didn’t have the time or energy to pursue and it is one of the things that left me feeling as though I wasn’t living the live that I would like to be living.  I didn’t have any balance.  “Community value” is something I can thank my dad for.  Actually – both of my parents have always volunteered both their time and significant amounts of money to various charitable organizations.  (See?  Not everything is “black and white” or “good and bad”.  I did learn some wonderful values from my parents.)
When I had my recent “OCD Flare Up” last June, and was met with incredible frustration with trying to find good support (in all forms), I became determined that if ever I was to conquer this nasty monster, I would do everything possible to further the “plight” of OCD treatment in Canada.  I would definitely not say that I have conquered the monster, but I have taken some steps to help others in Canada with OCD. 
A few months ago I contacted the Executive Director of the OCD Foundation and let him know of my goal to start an OCDF Affiliate in Canada.  He introduced me to Dr. Evelyn Stewart a prominent psychiatrist who recently moved to Canada and is also interested in working out a partnership.  I have also contacted other OCD groups throughout the country to reach out and let them know what I am attempting to achieve. 
I have “met” (via email) some wonderful, thoughtful, compassionate people who all share the same goal.  We are working together, and we have accomplished what I think is a HUGE step.  We have succeeded in gaining the OCD Foundation’s support in forming a partnership, and we will be having a meeting at the OCF Conference in San Diego in July!  All Canadians who are interested in working together to create a Canadian partnership with the International OC Foundation are invited to the meeting.     I am so proud of this accomplishment, and so excited for the meeting.  I look forward to working hard to make things better for other Canadians with OCD. 

**If you are Canadian and planning to attend the OCD Conference in San Diego in July, please consider attending the meeting.**


  1. I am appreciating your blog as I work through some OCD related issues myself. How do I subscribe? Matt

  2. Hi Matt - Thanks for your comments! You can become a "follower" if you are a member of blogspot. I think you have to have a Google Account to do that.