June 23, 2011

International OC Foundation Conference

I know I've mentioned the conference before, but I'm going to mention it again. 

I'm really looking forward to attending - it will be my first time.  Someday I would also like to go to the OCD conference in the UK.  (Call me an OCD geek!)

There are many sufferers out there at different stages in their recovery, but one thing that has helped me so much since I started on my journey of (true) recovery about a year ago is the people.  So many people who have helped me to feel less shame, who have supported me, and who I have been able to support.  I think I get as much out of helping others with OCD as I do when I practice my own therapy. 

I know not everyone can attend the conference for various reasons.  But I really hope that if you are able - you will go. 

Find all the information you need regarding registration, accommodation etc here. 


  1. Yes!! I'm definitely looking forward to the conference, and I hope we can meet up while there!!

  2. I wish I could go this year, but maybe when it comes out my way, I'll go again. It's a powerful experience to be with so many others who understand OCD.

  3. Fellow - that's fantastic that you are going! Yes we will have to meet up while there!
    Expwoman - too bad you won't be able to go this year and see the talks.

  4. I am hoping to go to the OCD conference here in the UK. The next one here is in October and it is in Liverpool. I hope that someday you get to the one in the UK. This one will be my first if I make it.

  5. I plan to attend next year. I hope you have a most excellent time, come back with some great stuff to share for those of us who cannot attend! So glad you can go, though, what a wonderful experience!