October 5, 2011

Problems Commenting?

I'm wondering if people are still having troubles commenting on my posts?  I've been having trouble commenting on other's blogs - specifically the Blogspot ones.....but it seems to come and go. 

Perhaps later today I will do some Google research and see how to fix this problem.  If I do I will post it here.  If not - I look forward to a time when I can hear from you again!  And I will keep trying to post on your blogs! 


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Pure O!

  2. I'm having trouble commenting, too, though it varies from day to day. I'll try this one as anonymous - I'm Abigail from unreasonablyrational.blogspot.com

  3. Yeah, it appears to be fixed!!

  4. Thanks for trying everyone! Great to hear from you. Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes Elizabeth (if it was in fact you)!

  5. Hello Pure O,

    I just thought I would add a comment to your blog if that's ok?

    If people cannot comment then they need to log out of Blogger and then log back in but untick the 'stay signed in/remember me' box before they do. This should allow you to comment with your Blogger name - I hope this helps.

    I have added you to my following list as I have OCD and am hoping to become part of the OCD bloggers community too - I hope it's ok that i've added you?

    Best wishes.