May 3, 2012

I'm booked! IOCDF Conference #2.....

I am officially committed to the IOCDF Conference in Chicago this July.  I am so excited!  Last year was my first year attending, and it was quite anxiety provoking.  I remember telling my therapist, who was also at the conference, that I felt like I was walking around naked!  Never before had I been in one place, surrounded by so many people, who knew that I had OCD.  But it was also a wonderful experience, meeting all of the wonderful, compassionate people - OCD sufferers, treatment providers, and family members.  I made some great friends and fellow bloggers, that I still stay in contact with.  Overall, it was a WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE, and I highly recommend attending if you can afford to. 

If any one would like to meet up while at the conference, I would love to have lunch, or coffee or tea or whatever.....

We are such a fantastic group of people.  :o)


  1. I'm going, can't wait to meet you!

    1. Fasntastic Lolly!!! Let's exchange contact information as we get closer!!!

  2. I want to go so it in Chicago every year? I am supposed to go meet my sister in the Ozarks during that week but maybe I could cut it to 4 days with her and then head up to Chicago. I have to think about it. It would be fun to see you and Lolly and anyone else. But kind of scary too-not because of you two, just showing up and not knowing anyone there.

  3. Hi Kryastl Lynn - no from what I understand it switches "coasts". Last year it was in Chicago. Don't worry about showing up and not knowing anyone. I did that last year. You're so busy, and you quickly meet people! It would be great to see you! Let me know if you end up registering!!!

  4. I wish I could go. This year, it just isn't in the cards, I don't think. I would love to meet fellow bloggers! And the whole conference sounds awesome. I will have to plan for next year, I guess. But I hope all of you who go will have a great time.

    I think Sunny of 71 degrees & Sunny said in a post or comment that she is going.

  5. Yep, I'm going and really looking forward to it. They actually move the conference around the country. One year it was D.C., one year Boston, one year I think Minnesota, then San Diego. I think it's great that it moves so different people can attend.

    Good for you for going, especially because it was so anxiety causing last time.

    I went to the one in D.C. in 2010. So this is only my second conference too! I love to learn about the latest treatments, and to see which docs/therapists are at the top of the field.

  6. I meant to mention that I would love meet you at the conference as well!

  7. That was supposed to say, "love TO meet you."